Moxie Restaurant is a new dining establishment on Auckland's North Shore, located in Birkenhead. We're a modern eatery that's passionate about bold food, whiskey and craft beers.


Food and company. A story as old as humanity itself.

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   In the beginning company made getting food easier. And in turn, food made company that much more enjoyable. If you think single-handedly catching a woolly mammoth was a lonely sounding affair, imagine having to eat one with no one to chat to.
   Likewise, cooking is an inherently social pursuit. What’s the point of making a beautifully crafted sauce if there’s no one there to enjoy it with (or notice how clever you are).
   Eating and cooking together is a fundamentally human thing to do. And it’s what drove us to open this restaurant.

   Admittedly, opening a restaurant because ‘people like food and we like cooking’ is not the most sophisticated business strategy. But in its simplicity, we hope you can at least tell that it's honest.
   And in case anyone gets the wrong end of the spear and thinks this is some sort of caveman themed restaurant, don’t worry. We serve modern cuisine with all the amenities you would expect to find in a modern restaurant. Tables, chairs, and smooth jazz compilations.
   Get in touch to make a booking, or pop in for a drink. We’d love you to join us.